My Story

Is one of overcoming. I was the kid in school who spent days working on 1 simple math homework assignment. My Mom, a single parent, would help; but it was extremely frustrating for both of us. Following elementary and middle school, I was the only high school student who had the State House waive the MCAST in order to graduate. I was the rare high school student who could not read a book! Clearly, none of the special ed. classes or IEP services I received were enough or helped. I needed a course in Learning Strategies. In community college, I was able to take such a course, which turned my life around. This course and my determination to succeed motivated me to create a Summer College Crash Course, which included a reading list of 13 classics, from Hawthorn to Hemingway. I taught myself subjects, even when teachers treated me as disabled. What I created got me through college and beyond. 

Yes, I was the student who had serious learning disabilities, yet I overcame them and learned how to survive school. Now I hold a Master's Degree from Columbia University, completed a competitive science internship at Harvard University/Harvard Medical School, and I was in the top 3% of my graduating class in my degree program. 

As Grandma put it "this was a kid who hated to write, now look at him." 

My job is to share what I have learned as a special ed. student with other students who are like me, who struggle in school and want to give up like I almost did. These students need a person in their lives who can relate to them and show them the way to succeed.

I have developed a special education curriculum and this nonprofit organization (SEAL) which will change students' lives.


Joshua Morgan

Founder & President