About this registration form: This is a registration form for your child to become registered with Strategies Enrichment and Learning S.E.A.L., a nonprofit organization based in New York, which provides therapeutic enrichment services to children. Parents must sign this registration form. Once your child is registered he or she will be eligible to sign up for all SEAL programs. 

Parent Agreement

  • SEAL Programs include: Woodworking, Cooking, Fencing, Private Tutoring and more

  • I understand that my child must attend all classes in a program(s), including Learning Strategies mini lessons for school 

  • If my child is absent from program(s) for more than 3 classes in a row I may forfeit my child’s space in the program(s)

  • I understand that I may need to complete additional paperwork, per program, in order for my child to participate in a program(s)  

  • I understand that all SEAL Services are on-line only

  • I give my child (listed below) permission to have his or her photo/video taken during SEAL programs/classes. 
    Having videos/photos of our programs in action is great for SEAL and we share them with our donors and others who support our excellent services. SEAL would be using videos/photos to post on our program’s website and to share with donors, and we may edit the content as needed 

  • For on-line programs, I agree to be in the in same room with my child and supervising my child during class/program time. I agree not to interrupt, distract, or get involved with other children or with SEAL staff

  • For on-line services/programs, I take full responsibility over my child if anything happens to my child

  • BY SIGNING this registration form I give permission for my child, whose name is on registration form below, to be registered with Strategies Enrichment and Learning S.E.A.L., and I agree to the terms of this parent agreement listed above

Thanks for submitting!