Using a survey, we asked what they liked most about our programs, the impact the programs had on them, and what could be improved for future programs.



"My daughter loves sign language program. She said now she can communicate with some students that are deaf at Mommy's job."  - Parent from New York



"Tutors were well prepared and engaged my children with their learning strategies." - School Teacher



"I think these programs are a great opportunity to learn different skills that they can benefit from in the future." - Parent from New Jersey  


“My favorite part was when we did the Calendar System. This class makes me happy because I learn new ways to do my school work. I am a kinsethetic learner.” -Daniel, student 

"I liked to learn signing animals." - Sahory, student 

"I would like to thank Josh (Programs Director) and Natalie (SEAL Tutor) for all the support they have provided my kids."  - Parent from Virginia 



"What I liked about sign language was that it was engaging and allowed me to learn a valuable skill."

- Henry, student 

"My tutor was fun, energetic, respectful, and taught me a lot." - Xavier, student 


"I highly recommend Learning Strategies, because it fills a gap that is often taken for granted, namely that students know how to study, so teaching them these skills if often overlooked leading to students not demonstrating their full potential."  - Social Worker 



"As an educator, I've observed many factors that hinder student success, often leading to their discouragement. This holistic hands-on skills course is an opportunity to turn the tide for students experiencing a diversity of learning challenges, as they are equipped with tools to overcome them." 

- SEAL Board Member 

“I really like that my kids have the opportunity to have help and support outside of school."-Parent


"My daughter loves her SEAL Tutor. She is very patient and kind and knows her very well. Our Tutor is wonderful."  -Parent from New York

"This class helped me be a better student, because it taught me about reading.” - Student  

"Learning strategies helps me be a better student, because I am getting better in ELA."

- Leilani, student  

"This course can help me understand what I do in school."  -Charmaine, student  

"I can learn new things about multiple option tests. I like that now I understand that there are different options to choose from on a test."  -Jose, student   



"Learning strategies makes me more focused." -Brian, student  



"Personally as a parent I strongly believe that SEAL Programs give my children important skills to use later in life."  - Parent from Long Island 


About this registration form: This is a registration form for your child to become registered with Strategies Enrichment and Learning S.E.A.L., a nonprofit organization based in New York, which provides therapeutic enrichment services to children. Parents must sign this registration form. Once your child is registered he or she will be eligible to sign up for all SEAL programs. 


Parent Agreement

  • I understand that my child must attend all classes in a program(s), including Learning Strategies mini lessons for school 

  • If my child is absent from program(s) for more than 3 classes in a row I may forfeit my child’s space in the program(s)

  • I understand that I may need to complete additional paperwork, per program, in order for my child to participate in a program(s)  

  • I understand that all SEAL Services are on-line only

  • I give my child (listed below) permission to have his or her photo/video taken during SEAL programs/classes. 
    Having videos/photos of our programs in action is great for SEAL and we share them with our donors and others who support our excellent services. SEAL would be using videos/photos to post on our program’s website and to share with donors, and we may edit the content as needed 

  • For on-line programs, I agree to be in the in same room with my child and supervising my child during class/program time. I agree not to interrupt, distract, or get involved with other children or with SEAL staff

  • For on-line services/programs, I take full responsibility over my child if anything happens to my child


  • BY WRITING MY NAME BELOW, SIGNING, AND SUBMITTING this registration form, I give permission for my child, whose name is on registration form, to be registered with Strategies Enrichment and Learning S.E.A.L., and I agree to the terms of this parent agreement listed above. Please read about our student behavior policy and rules.

Student Behavior Policy Agreement

Listed below are rules and expectations of All SEAL Program that your child must follow.

  • Be on time to program

  • Be prepared and bring all materials you will need for program

  • No snacks

  • Listen to SEAL Program Teachers and Tutors. They are in charge

  • No phones

  • No friends or pets allowed  

  • You must be seated in a chair or standing at your work station for the entire program. No wondering around or leaving the program

  • For Tutoring, find a private and quiet room, and an area that is free of distractions/noise

  • Help to clean up at end of program

  • Be polite, use polite language 

  • No bullying of any kind

  • Follow the rules of the activity/lesson

Children who do not follow these rules may be asked to leave, or be removed from our programs.

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