Donations go toward:

  • A Program--program supplies, such as wood for the children to use to build projects with, and fencing equipment/gear for the kids.

  • Paying a teacher's/instructor's salary. A teacher/instructor who is qualified, experienced, talented, and trained to teach a program.


  • A family, who cannot pay, their child gets to enroll in our programs for Free!

  • Kids get to have a NEW unique program! SEAL offers different programs every year.  

  • SEAL Programs teach life skills, are therapeutic for children, and teach kids how to learn in different ways. 

Donor Questions & Answers

Q: Do you have positive feedback from parents you have worked with?

A: Yes! Please visit our website, on the What Parents and Kids Are Saying page, for testimonials.  

Q: What makes your program stand out more than others?

A: SEAL's programs are unique--you will not find them in the communities we service.

Q: How do you operate? Are teachers trained? 

A: We operate exclusively on-line. We train staff on how to teach children who we work with, on classroom behavior management, and on lesson planning. We use Zoom to have our programs.


Consider giving monthly or giving a large donation yearly.   


Once we receive your donation, you will get a receipt of it. All donations go into our Bank of America small business account--for nonprofit use.