"I highly recommend Learning Strategies, because it fills a gap that is often taken for granted, namely that students know how to study, so teaching them these skills if often overlooked leading to students not demonstrating their full potential." 
--Lora, Social Worker 

"As an educator, I've observed many factors that hinder student success, often leading to their discouragement. This holistic hands-on skills course is an opportunity to turn the tide for students experiencing a diversity of learning challenges, as they are equipped with tools to overcome them."
--Esthella, AmeriCorps 

“I really like that my kids have the opportunity to have help and support outside of school.
--Miriam, parent from Virginia

"My daughter loves her SEAL Tutor. She is very patient and kind and knows her very well. Our Tutor is wonderful."
--Gail, parent from New York

"This class helped me be a better student, because it taught me about reading and this class makes me feel happy." --Sarigah, student  


"Learning strategies helps me be a better student because I am getting better in ELA." --Leilani, student  


"This course can help me understand what I do in school."  --Charmaine, student  

“My favorite part was when we did the Calendar System. This class makes me happy because I learn new ways to do my school work. I am a kinsethetic learner.” --Daniel, student 

"Learning strategies makes me more focused." --Brian, student 

"I can learn new things about multiple option tests. I like that now I understand that there are different options to choose from on a test."  --Jose, student    

"Soccer is my favorite part of the program." --Kevin, student